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Contains Sections On: How to accurately assess your chances with conventional treatments / pre-chemo success prediction test / John Boik (on natural compounds as a cancer treatment) / Ralph Moss / Dr Clement (IAT) / Dr Lechin (Neurotransmitter re-Profiling) / Gaston Naessens' (on 714-X) / Dr Burzynski (on Antineoplastons) / Bill Walcott (on Metabolic Typing) / Oxygen Ozone Therapy / Comprehensive supplement and nutrient sections / Wheatgrass / Spirulina / Barleygrass / Liver Cleanse / Parasite Cleanse / PDT / Photodynamic Therapy / Pancreatic Enzymes / Cantron / B-17 / Hydrazine Sulphate / CLT / Coffee Enema / Rene Caisse / Vitamin C / Otto Warburg / Beard Trophoblast / Etienne Callebout / All therapies structured in a unique and new way - to help you appreciate your many different choices.

Published by The London Press

  Healing Cancer: The Top 12 Non-Toxic Cancer Treatments To Help You Beat Cancer

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ISBN: 0954463684     Publication date: Jan 05  

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A book of vital importance... Healing Cancer is the only cancer book
around that addresses all the major alternative therapies in a
way designed to help cancer patients make definitive
decisions about therapy, treatment and products

Dr. Milo D Siewert, MD DC ND

‘An exceptionally valuable book... ideal for cancer patients who are
determined to do as much as possible to overcome their cancer' 

‘The definitive selection of non-toxic cancer treatments... a must read
for cancer patients, their families, and all those interested in the most
potent cancer prevention strategies' 

Patricia Peat, RGN Dip Pall C Dip UTR, Cancer Options, UK

'This ground-breaking book is likely to change the lives of people around you, maybe your own, and will probably contribute to saving many lives. It is a clearly written, highly informative and reader-friendly investigation of leading-edge holistic cancer treatments and the research on which they are based. It includes interviews with seven of the leading researchers in the field and sheds light on current biomedical cancer treatment methods – to enable people to make informed decisions about the kind and combination of treatments that will serve them best.

I have loved reading this book. It stretches from research and theory to careful descriptions of individual therapies and the practical information you need to carry them through - how to find a medical doctor with the experience to guide you, how to do procedures at home, sources of supplies, their cost, identifying which options are more affordable, how to budget and how to address the fear of exceeding one’s financial means – with the intended effect of empowering and building confidence at one of the most challenging times in anyone’s life.' the rest of the review by clicking here... (opens in new window)
Review by Sarida Brown (founder editor of Caduceus Journal) - Feb 2005



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